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Company Profile:

Shenzhen Imagination ICT Technology Co,. Ltd adheres to the information and communication solutions provider for the target. Focusing on customer needs and challenges, we are committed to providing IT solutions and professional services, continuing to create value for customers.  Imagination ICT earns acceptance and affirmation from the government, their peers and through our outstanding achievements and efforts.
Concentrating on network-related fields, from the ground network to network security, to network operation and maintenance and application of the full range of products and solutions we provide users with comprehensive network products, technologies.

Genuinely, we look forward to establishing long-term business relation with potential customers from all over the world. 

Scope of business:
Regional distribution
Shenzhen in southern China a wish and strive to become excellent network products distributor. Shenzhen Chong would focus on networking, professional and comprehensive access to the system integrator partners have been recognized. Shenzhen Chong would like to stick with our partners to maintain a long-term win-win cooperation.
Shenzhen Chong thought for partners to provide cabling, switches, routers, firewalls, servers, storage and networking products across the board. Imagination has been working with Huawei in Shenzhen, China race, H3C, CISCO, DP-Link, AMP, IBM and other industry giants have maintained good relations of cooperation.
Network Integration
Shenzhen  have been committed to providing customers with the integration of new network technology applications simultaneously, keeping the network application of new technologies leading edge.
Has a full range of integrated products (data, security, voice), to meet the various sectors (government, finance, education, small and medium enterprises) multi-service convergence network construction needs, while each product has a variety of models of low high school, adequate consideration the customer"s needs and building a network selection requirements.
And system integrators are different, Shenzhen Chong want to master in the enterprise network infrastructure and network technology platform to build their own applications, while providing network optimization and security consultation and evaluation. Directly aimed at business users and industry to provide network integration of new technology-based applications.
Value-added services:
Value-added services in Shenzhen Creators have core competencies.
Unlike the simple value-added services additional services, its core is the use of technology in Shenzhen Creators years of accumulated experience and targeted technical solving, collaborative system integrators to provide customers with high value-added technical services for integrators with to add value. While simplifying project integrators and shipped to the customer"s process and reduce costs.
Shenzhen Chong would like to undertake the project layout, product maintenance, equipment commissioning, network maintenance, upgrades, spare parts, on-site maintenance, technical training and other service outsourcing business, providing customers with a package of turnkey services.

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